Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mediterranean Cruise Day Two: Mostly Smooth Sailing

Boarding the Celebrity Equinox

Today was a sea day, so I will share my thoughts about Celebrity Cruises, since this is my first time on the cruise line. The ship (Celebrity Equinox) is the most beautiful ship I have ever sailed on. She is not only tastefully decorated, but also so well decorated that I would copy some of the spaces into my own home. I have never said that before about a cruise ship, most of which remind me of Vegas. So d├ęcor is an upside.

Main lobby of the Equinox

The other upside is food. It has been excellent across the board so far, in all dining venues. They have partnered with Top Chef and feature the winning recipes on ship menus. 

Main dining room on the Equinox

The downside is the high pressure sales. We can’t walk into the dining room without someone asking us to book a reservation at the specialty dining restaurants. Every single time we order a drink, we are asked if we want to sign up for the drink package. It is seriously annoying.

The martini bar, where the bar is made of real ice!

Also, the average age on board is at least 65. There are very few people our age. And the on-board activities reflect the age of the guests. Some activities available today include “makeup for aging skin” and “making the most of gray hair.” I’m not even joking. We are finding plenty of other things to do, but still… I miss the on-board activities of Carnival.

Our extended balcony, as it looks down the side of the ship at all the other puny balconies

Today we woke up at 7am when our room service breakfast was delivered. Then I went back to sleep until 10am, for my first full night’s sleep of the trip. Adam hit the casino for a poker tournament while I read in the solarium. I took second place in the ship’s trivia tournament in the afternoon! Then I met back up with Adam and we had lattes in the specialty coffee restaurant and returned to the room to get ready for formal night.

The solarium/indoor pool at night

Once we were all dressed up, we took a bunch of professional photos with the photo staff and hated the “prom poses” they put us in, so we made up our own poses – which I cannot wait to see tomorrow when the photo studio opens again! The photographer actually said to Adam, "sir, please don't get me fired." HAHA! We took second place in the Wheel of Fortune game show – making that my second runner up finish of the day. Adam was impressed that I got the song title La Bamba with ZERO letters flipped over to help! 

Around 10pm, we hit the top deck to play a little air hockey, then basketball, still dressed in our formal clothes. I took a 2-0 lead in PIG. Then Adam beat me with a come from behind victory. Oh well, at least the Cavs will bring home a ring for me. 

Tomorrow: Athens is BS!