Monday, May 30, 2016

Mediterranean Cruise Day Nine: Sea What I Did There?

This is the real color of the Mediterranean. No filter!

Today, there would be no port. Thank goodness, because our legs are really sore after yesterday!

We had breakfast in the main dining room so that Adam could have eggs Benedict. We raced down there, thinking that breakfast ended at 9:30, and just made it. We sat down and realized that it was actually only 8:30 because the ship clock had jumped back one time zone while we slept. Oops.

My favorite art piece on the ship. Here Comes The Sun, spanning 4 decks.

We couldn’t find chairs at the pool, so we went up to the lawn club, which was much quieter anyway. Adam laid out on the grass while I blogged a bit. Then we watched the hot glass show, which is my favorite thing on the ship.

For lunch we went to the Bistro on 5. There is a $10 per person charge, for all the crepes you can eat. I had a spicy steak crepe, while Adam had a Mediterranean chicken crepe for our main dishes. Then I had a Nutella, banana, pistachio crepe for dessert, and Adam had a milkshake. We talked about how Europeans don’t know how to make milkshakes – there’s little to no ice cream – just flavored milk. And then we realized that maybe they DO know how to make milkshakes and we are the ones doing it wrong, since nobody needs 1500 calories worth of ice cream in a glass.

Pool deck (above) and library (below)

In the afternoon, we went to the solarium again to read, swim, and take naps. Then I went to men vs women trivia (the women won, obviously) and Adam went to play poker. When we met back up, he told me he had bought me a present. I thought it was going to be the captain’s hat – but he had purchased two really pretty crocheted shawls from the ship gift shop because I am always cold. Awww. He’s a keeper.

That evening was formal night. We were really over the “prom poses” the photographers put us in, so we went rogue and did funny poses instead, including The Robot, Pulp Fiction, the Dip, etc. I think the photographers hate us.

We call this "Running To Escape The Titanic"

We played Port Side vs Starboard Side Wheel of Fortune, and our side (Port) won. But we were bored with organized games, so we decided to play Pub Crawl Poker with the deck of cards Adam bought in Greece. We would go to 5 different bars, and at each bar, after we finished a cocktail, we each drew a card. At the end of 5 bars/drinks, whoever had the best hand would win a 10 minute foot rub. I drew a 2, then a 7, then a 9. I thought I was screwed. But then I drew another 7 and another 9 – and pulled off a win! Yay!

After 5 cocktails, I fell into bed and passed out. The foot rub would have to wait.

Tomorrow:  Our last port – Messina, Sicily.


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