Sunday, April 19, 2015

Local Edition: Medieval Times

Every once in a while, we thought it would be fun to seek out a new experience right in our backyard and report on it.  First up, Medieval Times in Buena Park.

Here's Madelyn's take:
Medieval Times was definitely something fun and different! I had fun watching knights be tested for bravery by fighting in epic battles against each other. After buying a flag that matches the crown you have been given, you enter the arena and sit in seats surrounding the battle ring. Then you cheer on your knight while you enjoy a four-course meal. The meal contain chicken, potatoes, tomato soup, garlic bread, corn on the cob, and a drink of your choice. The best part is -- you eat it totally with your hands. No silverware!  The live jousting tournament, the choreography with horses and all the show elements were outstanding. The horses and falcon were so enjoyable to watch! Yes, it can get a little corny at times, but I actually found it very fun and entertaining!

Mom's take:
We arrived an hour early, as instructed, and were assigned green crowns. This meant we would be cheering for the green knight.  Then we were turned loose in a big waiting area full of bars and shopping kiosks. Picture how Disneyland lets you out of a ride into a gift shop - but in reverse. We bought virgin pina coladas ($6 each) and green flags ($5 each), as these aren't provided.  We walked around and looked at the horses in their pens, and all the other paraphernalia for sale. Finally we were let in, and sat in the green section of the arena. As our drink orders were taken (iced tea), we watched a beautiful horse show. I have no horse vocabulary at all, but it was a gorgeous white horse who did tricks and danced on its hind legs. Then, as the knights were introduced dinner arrived:

It was actually pretty decent - better than I expected. Tomato soup and garlic bread, followed by baked chicken, potatoes and corn and an apple fritter for desert. Keep in mind that this cost about $60 each. So it wasn't THAT good, but we figured we paid for the entertainment. 

The knights did a series of competitions, then there was an intermission with a really cool falcon show. It flew right above our heads! There was a cheesy storyline about a princess and a king, but I didn't really pay attention because I kept thinking about our knight. He was a good looking guy, and I got entirely distracted picturing him trying to go on dates. "What do you do for a living?" "Me? Oh, I'm a knight at Medieval Times." I still wonder how that plays out.

Then the knights closed the show by jousting. Again, I got lost in thought wondering why they were wearing motorcycle helmets instead of knight helmets. It was like a weird combination of medieval knights and Daft Punk.

Alas, our knight did not win. (Does this need a spoiler alert? Is the show always the same?) But he came close. And Madelyn had a lot of fun cheering him on. In the end, that's all that really matters. 


Jennifer and Madelyn

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