Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Welcome to our new travel blog!


Many of our Facebook friends and Instagram followers have asked us to start a travel blog to share all of our adventures, along with tips for finding unique travel experiences at affordable prices. Since travel is our greatest passion in life and we love sharing with friends -- we have decided to go ahead and blog!

Watch this space for tales from the road, from both a mom and kid perspective.  We hope you will find something that interests or inspires you.

Our travel philosophy could be called Do-It-Yourself-Chic. We read and research…a lot!  Then we book everything ourselves.  Once we are there, we never take a train when we could take a road trip. Isn't the whole point of travel finding hidden gems in tiny villages?  We don't do museums or theme parks (ok, sometimes we do theme parks) -- we do experiences that put us in touch with locals. We like to learn what life is like for people living in the towns, states and countries we visit, so we wander. For weekends away in the USA, we like to treat ourselves by digging up amazing little boutique hotels and then combing them with really bizarre roadside attractions, for photo ops and fun. We are a quirky mother-daughter duo who loves living in Los Angeles, but loves leaving it even more.

For those who don't know us, this is Madelyn:

Madelyn is 11. She loves her two Persian kittens, Lucy and Desi. (Lucy is the redhead, naturally.) Madelyn does amazing accents. I've never met a kid who, when commanded "do Russian!," or "do French," can pull it off flawlessly like she can. She adores traveling for many reasons, but mostly to add to her collection of accents. She is a fearless eater, and will try anything once. Volleyball, playing guitar and crafting are other interests. She has an old soul and a sharp wit that will surely keep readers of this blog entertained.

This is me, Jennifer (aka Mom):

I should have been born a mermaid. I am happiest when I am snorkeling in clear blue waters. But since I need to work on dry land, I also have some more earthly loves, like photography, driving fast, watching sports, and volunteering to help solve cold cases.  My brain is a sponge that holds many useless pop culture facts, which makes me a great partner for cruise ship trivia hour.  Hopefully my finely honed sense of sarcasm and complete lack of filter will make you laugh as you read about our adventures.

We have upcoming trips to Palm Springs, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, and France scheduled. I will also try to write posts on some of our past trips to places like Belize, Puerto Rico, Italy, Croatia, Honduras, private islands in the Bahamas, Alaska, Hawaii, etc. We have a lot to share, so check back often! 

J & M

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