Sunday, June 28, 2015

France Day Nine: Yes We Cannes!

We thought we wouldn’t have a lot to share today, since we had a 4-1/2 hour drive from the Riviera to the French Alps. But by day’s end, we found a new favorite town, had a new favorite meal, and even drove a boat!

After scarfing down breakfast at the corner patisserie, we headed for Cannes, which we kind of neglected in our hurry to get to our hotel a few days back. We strolled the beach (above), visited the theater where they hold the Cannes Film Festival, and walked along their walk of stars (weak in comparison to ours).

We especially loved the public bathrooms (below)! For half a Euro, you can go in, go potty, and then the ENTIRE inside gets sprayed down and disinfected when you leave. I don’t know what it is about France and bathrooms, but we never fail to be entertained or delighted by them in some way.

France also has also made us realize the US has a shortage of carousels. Every single town we have visited has a carousel in the town square. Here is the one in Cannes:

They bring music, laughter and color to every park! Tres jolie! Speaking of Jolie…

Cannes kind of reminds me of New Orleans, if New Orleans were situated on a large sandy beach. The architecture is of the same era and it has that same artsy, eclectic feel. I could live here!

We walked along the old harbor and then finally decided we better hit the car and head for the hills. On our way out of town, France gave us the peace sign, to tell us it had forgiven us from a few days back, when it gave us the finger.

On the way, we drove through Valensole, where the bulk of sunflower and lavender fields line the highway. They were stunning!

But the best was yet to come, because tonight we are sleeping in Annecy. It is a town in the Alps, close to Switzerland – and has tons of wooden chalets with geraniums to prove it. If there is a heaven, it looks like Annecy. 

There are charming canals everywhere. We stopped to watch a German shepherd jump into the canal, swim all the way down to the only staircase to get out, then jump back in and do it all over again. He looked so happy! 

The town sits on a sparkly lake, with the Alps in the background. The lake is full of ducklings, swans and rainbows. We headed rented a paddleboat, headed out onto the lake, and got a good leg workout while exploring the beauty all around us.

(M was paddling during this pic!)


When we left the lake to walk to dinner, this was happening in the park:

We have no idea what was going on, but the people were having so much fun! We walked along the canals and settled into a Swiss restaurant, with wooden menus, where we had fondue. (When in Rome, er, the Alps!)

On the way back to Splendid Hotel (not even joking - that is its name!), we saw baby swans. I thought swans were supposed to be ugly ducklings as babies! But not in Annecy, the world’s prettiest village, where even the baby swans are precious. 

Seriously, put Annecy on your bucket list!! It is our new favorite.
Tomorrow: The reason I decided to come to France in the first place: Colmar

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